In this pandemic crisis, technology is more useful than ever. Michelle Barker, the Training Manager of Askham Village Community, passed through a challenging time when she needed to move her face to face training sessions to the online environment, but she managed to do this as she was keen to interact with the audience even from behind a screen.


I would like to tell you a story of a mature woman, who was a bit set in her ways. Who, when presented of a concept of teaching by using technology through webinars, many many months ago, way before Covid-19 arrived and changed our lives, the woman was incredibly nervous and uncomfortable.

You see, the problem was she didn’t like cameras and the thought of being in view through one was totally out of her comfort zone. Being in front of a class teaching was one thing, but to do it through a zoom platform was alien to her. But, you know what? … she did it!

The first course she delivered, her heart was in her stomach the whole time, but once she did it and realised that everyone else in the Zoom room was more than likely feeling the same way. But soon those nerves disappeared as the conversation started to flow. Soon it became the new norm to conduct the training this way.

The thing that helped was that it was still interactive, she could engage with the people on the course which made her forget about the camera. Staff could still ask questions and the truth is, no one cares what you look like. You don’t have to dress for the occasion, no need to do your hair, put your make- up on, none of that is required if logging in from home, just wear what you feel comfortable in (although I must add though that the actual wearing of clothing is required!)

If you haven’t guessed it yet … that woman was me!!

What I’m trying to say is that if I can overcome the awkward feeling of delivering training in this way, as well as learn to enjoy it, anyone can get used to Zoom.

So, please don’t be shy… book onto the training, give it a go.. and lets get all greens on the matrix. I promise you, you’ll be most welcome and fun and laughter is most definitely permitted!

See you on Zoom!