A brand new, state-of-the-art training centre for health and social care is now open for business in Cambridgeshire. Part of Askham Village community – a specialist care home facility in Doddington – AVC Training combines 30 years’ expert care and rehabilitation with a wealth of knowledge and skill from the centre’s new Training Manager. Having already trained more than 250 people, AVC Training is on track to become the go-to provider of quality training in the region.

“What’s special about AVC Training,” says Aliyyah Nasser, Operations Director at Askham Village Community and the driving force behind the new centre, “is that when it comes to care, there are very few things we haven’t experienced and learnt how to skilfully manage here at Askham. There’s over 60 years of combined experience in the team and we’re passionate about empowering people with the confidence and know-how to make a real impact in people’s lives.

“Our approach is welcoming, and our courses are diverse but accessible. As well as those designed to upskill professional care providers, we also offer courses suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about health and social care in a way that will help them at home.”

Michelle Barker, who heads up the Qualsafe Approved centre, has spent over 30 years’ working in the UK and across Europe, both in the care sector and as a qualified Trainer. The two have always gone hand-in-hand for Michelle, who now brings her extensive on-the-job experience to life for the benefit of those she trains at AVC.

“Whether you’re in the healthcare sector or not, the key to excellent service standards starts with excellent training,” says Michelle, a Dementia Champion and Qualsafe approved Instructor. “I personally believe that it is vital that the people delivering the training need to have had practical experience themselves, not just theory and book learning. Which is where I come in! As well as being a qualified Trainer, sitting on the Board in several national businesses, I’ve been in care, or worked as a carer, for most of my adult life – combining the two is my passion!”

The training centre itself has been designed to make the most of its beautiful seven-acre setting. The team at Askham believe passionately in quality of learning for the mind and so, light, space, access to nature and a calm, peaceful environment is used to enhance the training experience and help embed the learning. With its built in audio and visual technology along with on-site training resources and cafe, the centre can also be hired out by the day and is already utilised by local GPs for Clinical Governance meetings.

“We aim to make AVC Training the number-one place for quality training in the local community and beyond. Every single member of the team at Askham has trained and will continue to train here. We hope to see many local businesses invest in training and support for their own staff. And we’re also looking forward to welcoming families or individuals who either care for a loved one at home or have loved ones in care facilities and want more knowledge and understanding,” adds Michelle.

A Qualsafe Approved Centre, AVC Training delivers 22 accredited qualifications as well as a wide range of complimentary courses. Courses range from advanced care qualifications, suitable for care teams across the region, to First Aid and practical social awareness sessions on conditions like Dementia. All of which are open to local companies and individual residents. With a focus on accessibility and inclusion, AVC Training offers a low-cost solution with no minimum attendee numbers set for any course.

If you’re looking to develop the your own skills, or that of your team, then contact us via email (avctraining@askhamvillagecommunity.com). Have a look on our awesome Facebook page where we keep posting updates on our wrok at AVC Training!