AVC Training, a specialist care training centre in Cambridgeshire is set to offer Infection Control Training to relatives of those living in care homes, as well as interested members of the public, as it seeks to support safer, lower risk visits to care facilities amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

With care homes seeking the fine balance between allowing visitors back into their home while still managing the very real risk of Covid-19, AVC Training is offering the opportunity for visitors to better understand their role in Infection Prevention and Control. AVC Training is offering virtual training, via Zoom, to outline best practice when it comes to infection control, as well as educating participants on the necessity of following procedures. The content of the training covers many of the principles that care workers learn about as part of their mandatory training.

AVC Training prides itself on understanding the needs of the care sector through the lens of an established care provider, Askham Village Community, with over 30 years experience, and can therefore tailor it’s training to be of direct relevance to the sector.  This is another such example of an AVC Training course being borne out of a specific need in the care sector today and will deliver a comprehensive guide on the necessities of infection control as it seeks to help keep both residents and those visiting them safe.

The move comes in the wake of the recent call from care charities to label relatives of care home residents, including dementia sufferers, as key workers so as to enable easier, more accessible visitation.

Michelle Barker, Training Manager at AVC Training, commenting on the training said: “In an open letter to the Government, One Dementia Voice has highlighted the inconsistent guidance around visitation; something that is serving to create confusion and stress amongst those who are keen to visit their relatives. This is particularly the case for those living with dementia, many of whom rely on close family relationships to maintain their sense of routine.”

She continued: “The rules surrounding the pandemic are changing daily, with the government announcing new or adapted measures as circumstances develop. It’s understandable that this creates confusion amongst residents’ relatives as to what they need to do to meet the necessary visiting requirements. Something that isn’t changing though, are the basics of infection control. Through our newly introduced training programme, we’re aiming to create a better understanding amongst concerned relatives that those visiting homes are fully aware of what is expected of them with regards to infection prevention and control. Understanding the principles of how infection is transmitted and how our actions either facilitate or prevent spread is a key risk management factor for care providers.”

She added: “The last thing that relatives will want to do is to put their loved ones at risk. Through enhanced awareness and education, we’re aiming to allay concerns by furnishing them with the knowledge so that if and when visits take place, they can be done with greater confidence.”

The training, initially developed with the relatives of those who reside in Askham Village Community in mind, will be open to all and is set to be delivered via video conferencing, helping to minimise the risks of any unnecessary contact between participants.

Dates for the initial run of infection control courses are as follows:

  • Friday, 24th July from 4pm – 5pm
  • Tuesday, 28th July from 6pm -7pm
  • Tuesday, 11th August from 4pm – 5pm
  • Thursday, 20th August from 6pm – 7pm

Michelle concluded: “The key to reducing risk is education. If those who are visiting a home know why infection control is essential and understand the relevant processes and procedures, then any risk will be greatly reduced – thus helping to provide reassurance to care providers, as well as those receiving care and their loved ones.”

AVC Training, which was recently endorsed by Skills for Care as an approved training centre, delivers mandatory and specialist courses for Health and Social care, as well offering its facilities for use by external trainers.

Please find more information regarding the Infection Control Awareness workshops here.


Copy from a newspaper article printed in the online version of Fenland Citizen on 21st July 2020. Please find the full article here. This article was also printed in the physical version of Fenland Citizen on 29th July 2020.