There are so many people in Doddington and the surrounding areas who juggle their lives to be able to provide much needed care for a relative or friend. This may be visiting regularly, supporting to attend hospital or GP appointments, providing personal care, or simply offering a friendly face and some company.

Without this care, your friends and relatives would struggle to maintain the quality of life they seek and we would like to support any member of the public who gives their time to care for someone else.

At Askham we have a skilled and highly trained team of carers – and we are learning every day from each other and from the industry about best practices in care.

In keeping with Askham’s ethos of Community and Empowerment we would like to share this learning with all those around us, and so we have set up AVC Training to provide subject specific courses to any member of the public who wishes to learn a bit more about certain conditions their loved ones may experience, or upskill on some aspects of providing care.

The courses we recently delivered in Safe Moving & Positioning as well as Dementia Awareness have proven to be very beneficial and enjoyable. We run these courses in the evening to make them accessible to many. Our next session will be on Dementia Awareness on 16th December. Keep an eye on our website for the schedule for the new year – and if you would like to request any topic please contact Michelle Barker on 01354 740269 ext 237.